Band of Horses… Perfect?

band of horses… Perfect?(picture i took from my camera phone at the Earl) I listened to the first Band of Horses album, Everything All the Time, when it came out and I thought it was good but really just another indie rock album. A few songs stuck out to me on that album and those kept me coming back to the album and the band. When their second album came out a few months ago I hesitated to buy it because I assumed that it would be more mediocrity. I was wrong! My brother, a huge fan, finally convinced me to take a listen to Cease to Begin. The album is more than I ever could have expected. The album is a complete piece of art. I never find myself wanting to push the next button on my iPod when I’m listening to this album. I think a main reason for this success is the band’s move from Seattle to South Carolina. Mat Brooke, from Seattle, and Ben Bridwell, from South Carolina, founded the band and were signed by Sub Pop. Brooke left the band after Cease to Begin so Bridwell moved the band back to his hometown in SC. Everything All the Time seems to be a happier, more energetic, and more complete album than their first. Perhaps it is my bias to the sounds from the south, but this album is near perfect for me.  I had the chance to see the band at one of their four sold out performances at the Earl in Atlanta over New Years. The live show was intimate and fun. The songs sounded tight and the band looked as if they were having a great time playing for a crowd of people shouting the lyrics back into their faces.    Check this band out RIGHT NOW if you have not. 


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