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Where has Shonna been?

The new Drive-by Truckers album came out last week. I was really nervous to listen to the album because of the departure of Jason Isbell. Isbell was my favorite writer for the Truckers and I was very afraid that his absence would be the end of the band. Brighter than Creation’s Dark was way more than I expected. I knew Patterson would have his three or four great songs on the album but other than that I did not know where it would go. While Mike Cooley stepped up in a huge way by filling some of the song writing void left by Isbell, I was most surprised by the songs written by Shonna Tucker.  shonna tucker Shonna hasn’t written any previous songs for the Truckers that I am aware of. Her voice is really great and her songwriting skills are on point. I don’t understand why she has not been a bigger focus on past albums. Her soothing, feminine voice really adds a new level to the Truckers sound.Check out Purgatory Line and I’m Sorry Huston. Perhaps it took Isbell’s leaving for Shonna to feel like she needed to add something more to the band. The future looks like its going to be okay for the Truckers.